Foreclosures are on the Rise.


As South Florida residents, we care deeply about our neighbors and community. We understand that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we sometimes find ourselves at risk of losing our most valuable investment, our home. Both of our families lost homes to the bank. This devastating experience inspired us to start Exodus Property Solutions, where we can serve as a free resource to families and homeowners who find themselves in the same situation

To help more families and homeowners in South Florida, we have partnered with BREIA and WJL Properties. Exodus Property Solutions and BREIA/WJL work together to help families and homeowners out of foreclosure, and possibly keep their homes, which is always our top priority.

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How does foreclosure affect you?

Lowers Credit

Forclosure can lover your credit score by up toup to 400 points

Garnish Wages

Bank can garnish your wages or bank
account for up to 20 years

Future Issues

Future loan and rental applications will likely be denied

Long Lasting Credit Issues

Foreclosure can affect your credit scores for over 10+ years after the bank takes over

Restricts Purchasing Freedom

May be 7 years before able to purchase another home

Potential Instant Eviction

The bank may want you to vacate and start eviction proceedings immediately

Foreclosure without Equity

If you don’t have equity in your home, then a Short Sale is your only option.

Foreclosure with Equity

You have several options to foreclose with equity. Explore different ways below.

Loan Modifications

If you have equity, use our Modification calculator to see if you qualify.

Death in the Family

The legal cost of getting left behind property is grueling and expensive.


Filing bankruptcy stays on your credit report for up to 10 years. Allow us to guide you through this process.

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How will the Exodus process works for you?

Contact Us

You can call us, visit us, or we can visit you.


We review your situation in detail, to understand your needs.

Custom Solution

During our meeting, we provide solutions to get you out of foreclosure.


Liberated from the shackles of foreclosure.